Dances we can do in the laboratories

Often in the Schools I do thematic workshops. No problem, I have now acquired a repertoire of dances such as to meet the strangest requests.

What are our proposals?

The dances that tell us of the old crafts man.

Dances with argument the four elements: water, air, earth and fire

The propitiatory dances, linked to the myths of peoples.

The dances that mime animals and tell us about distant lands.

The dances related to major holidays: Christmas, New Year, Easter....

The dances of welcome to receive the children have just arrived.

The dances from the world that make us see how different the music of others country.

The dances to do with objects.

The dancing game very funny.

The historical dances, coming from the distant past.

Dances that come from certain areas of the World: the dances of Israel, Eastern European dances, dances from Africa or Asia.

The dances that we invent ourselves by building simple choreography.
We have a database of more than 500 dances and for the students from Elementary Fourth, there are no limits to the dances that they can learn.

What can I say? The choice is yours!