Folk dance courses

Why we do a course of folk dances?

The dances are a fun activity and at the same time, an activity that improves the motor skills of the people. Each body part is used, you will learn to coordinate the movements of the arms, hands, head and feet.
You'll learn to do these movements at a precise rhythms punctuated by music.
You'll learn to know and to controll better your body and also to discover new potentials and new limits.

You'll learn to work with other people, sharing spaces: remember that folk dance is a form of aggregation and socialization..

So many things there are in the dance: the need to dance, because the dance is a bursting joy of life, that rip the limbs from their torpor.
The desire to dance because the dancer has a magic power that bestows victory, health and life.
The mystical bond that unites us as a "tribe" and the free expression of individuality in complete adherence to one's own self.

Each person can find in this activity, a source of interest, it's enough to have a little 'curiosity and you'll discover a whole new world, solar, healthy and full of values, that is worth living.

For all those people who are skeptical and seek also a cultural component in this new activity, in addition to simply learning of the dances, in the courses I usually provide cultural information on traditions, music and songs, instruments, costumes and the occurrences of these peoples.

If you are unsure, come and enjoy with us!