MFD's Workshops

Greek dances workshop
Teacher: Vassilis Polizois

Sunday, 11/3/2012
Spinea (Venice)
Marco Polo Street - Elementary School Gym "Marco Polo"
Registration from 9.45.

For the fifth consecutive year we are pleased to host Vassilis with all his sympathy and experience.
As usual we will learn dances from different regions of Greece. We will spend together a beautiful day with music, dances and songs.
Everyone can participate because all the dances that will be proposed will be affordable for everyone dancers even beginners.

Here are the dances that we do Sunday to the Vassilis' stage

1. Kleftes (Epirus)

2. Fegaroprossopi (Epirus)

3. Sirtos (Cyclades)

4. Vothriatikos ballos (Naxos)

5. Lerikos (Leros Island)

6. Balaristòs (Mykonos Island)

7. Raikos (Macedonia)

8. Zaramo (Macedonia)

9. Kalinitikos (Thrace)

10. Koutsos (Thrace)


Israeli dance workshops
Teacher: Leo Rosina

Sunday, 15/4/2012
Spinea (Venice)
Marco Polo Street - Elementary School Gym "Marco Polo"
Registration from 9.45.

Workshop open to all, will be proposed easy and old dances  continuing the work begun the previous year.

Israeli dance workshop

Teacher: Leo Rosina

Sunday, 22/04/2012
Tencarola - Selvazzano Dentro (Padua)
Don Bosco Street - Primary School gym Don Angelo Bertolin

10.00-13.00 ; 15.00-17.00 - registration from 9.45.