Demonstration material for schools

For all schools is available on the project:  "global education" that you can view and save on your computer.
Anyone interested in finding out more about my training in folk dances, you can see my "Curriculum Vitae" or contact me by phone or email.
I have prepared a DVD demo that you can request me (it's free) this DVD reports of the shooting done in some schools. Below you can see clips of excerpts from this DVD, is a collection of videos taken during lessons and made ​​some of Childhood and Primary Schools.

The first video is a photo gallery.

The next three videos are lessons given in schools.


In the next video the children dance what they have just learned.

Two other proposals dances in Childhood Education

Some proposals made in elementary school: first class

Some proposals made in elementary school: second and third classes

Some proposals made in elementary school: fourth and fifth classes

Songs from Israel, Africa, Russia, France