Teaching method

When I teach dancing to children I use the "development method ."
I start to make simple and familiar things (eg walking) to the final form of dance, through the progressive addition of new elements.

This method enables the group to begin to move immediately on the music and not being discouraged by the difficulties which, if placed at the beginning of teaching, may block learning.

Based on the different experiences I have had at School, I suggest to teachers, to participate with their students in the scheduled classes.

This collaboration shows usually, a guarantee of quality work and allows me to relate better with the various components of the group.

The program of dances to do at school I usually agree with the teachers, if there are specific needs, I try to offer a great variety of dances from different countries. The program I will realize it on the basis of the groups with which I have to work (is a function of their age)

If I can, and if there are foreign children in the dance group, usually I  propose some dances from their countries of origin.

Usually the dances that I present are designed to be pleasing to the musical point of view both from the practical execution.

I feel satisfied when the students have fun dancing!